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Large Antique Persian Serapi Area Rug 18 ft 2 in x 11 ft 6 in (5.54 m x 3.51 m)

Estimate: $30,000 - $40,000

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Beautiful Large Antique Persian Serapi Area Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa date: 1920

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Antique Persian Heriz Serapi rugs include some of the most desirable Persian rugs in the world. This magnificent piece is an excellent example of the colors and designs that made these rugs an important part of interior design. Antique Persian Serapi rugs were favorites in the early days of the USA and were often found in state and federal buildings, including the White House.

Serapi and Persian Heriz rugs have an elegant yet casual feel, which is why they are now used in a range of traditional and contemporary styles. These are some of the grandest and most beautiful rugs in the world. This one is a rare find for both its rug size and classic design.

Larger size area rugs from this area were more common a few decades earlier than the date of production of this rug. This rug was created in the 1920’s. Antique rugs of this size and scale were seldom produced in the area after the beginning of the 20th century, making this one unique from a historical perspective. Due to its larger size for the period, it was more than likely a commissioned custom made rug.

These geometric design rugs stand out for their bold geometric designs and tribal elements created in breathtaking colors. Serapi rugs show an incredible range of designs and beautiful artistry. One of the unique characteristics of Serapi rugs is that they were used heavily in public spaces, and they often hold the stories of the many feet that have passed over them. This gives the rug a shabby chic feel and a timeless character that is perfect for a formal dining hall or other open space.

The scale of the rug will give the room a grand feel and add energy with its brilliant colors. Designers are finding new ways to use Persian rugs throughout the home. They always have a place in traditional design or a collection of fine antiques. Contemporary designers are also using them to add color and interest in a room of solid furniture in neutral colors.

Regardless of your style, this rustic antique Persian Serapi rug would make an excellent addition to a grand estate or a public space. It is a beautiful example of the characteristics that made Serapi rugs favorites throughout the centuries, and it will make an excellent piece for your collection.


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