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Sun, Mar 13, 2022 11:00AM EDT
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ANTIQUE CAUCASIAN EAGLE KAZAK RUG. 6 ft 1 in x 4 ft 4 in (1.85 m x 1.32 m).

Estimate: $10,000 - $15,000

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$100,000 $10,000
Property of a New York collector

ANTIQUE CAUCASIAN EAGLE KAZAK RUG. 6 ft 1 in x 4 ft 4 in (1.85 m x 1.32 m). Spectacular Tribal Design Antique Caucasian Eagle Kazak Rug, Country Of Origin / Rug Type: Antique Caucasian Rug, Circa date: 1900 – The gorgeous design of this antique Caucasian Kazak rug is known as the “eagle” design, and this one is unique even among the special class of Caucasian rugs. The geometric design and gorgeous colors stand out, and they would make the perfect addition to a tribal-inspired room design. The central medallion of this rug is a design that is known as the eagle. Many theories exist as to the origins of this symbol, but its importance in the culture of the people is a universally accepted theme. These highly collectible rugs are expressive and have an organic, primitive feel. They are known for their soft texture and brilliant color combinations. Typically, antique Caucasian Eagle Kazaks rugs have multiple repeats of the motifs, but those with only a single eagle motif and two roof motifs on the ends are a special class known as “Sunburst” rugs. The design is sometimes referred to as the “chelaberd” design. The designs on the ends are sometimes referred to as the “crab” garlands but were more likely a representation of the sun in the Zoroastrian religion. Many believe that the cross in the center of the design is a representation of St. Joseph’s Cross. The eagle is an important bird in Kazak culture. Many of the different Kazak tribes have had an eagle on their flag for many centuries. The modern flag has a representation of the sunburst and a golden steppe eagle. The eagle is a symbol of the power of the state and its sovereignty. For the tribes of the steppe, the eagle stands for independence, freedom, and aspiration. It also symbolizes strength and the ability to overcome challenges in your path. Many other explanations of the meaning of the chelaberd design exist, but we can agree that it is a gorgeous piece that will make the perfect addition to a collection or exquisite room design. The brilliant colors and design are as breathtaking as they are captivating. This rug is perfect for a Boho Chic room design or as part of a collection of antique rugs from the Caucuses. This beautiful eagle Kazak rug is small enough size to be hung as a piece of wall art or to fit into a smaller apartment space. This Caucasian eagle Kazak rug would be a beautiful addition to a layered rug look. Regardless of where or how you choose to place this rug in your room, this tribal carpet will make a statement and be a piece that will be cherished for many years into the future. Chelaberd rugs are highly sought-after by collectors and interior designers. Finding one on the open market is a rare treat.

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This lot is in very good condition. The pile is generally full and even. The two ends are complete and secured. The two sides are complete and secured. The two sides are complete and secured. There is no dryness in the foundation. This rug is clean and floor ready. Please contact our rug experts at or call us for any questions you may have at 212.545.8029.

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